Saturday, March 17, 2012

My parents' wedding photos, 1968

As part of my new project scanning family photographs, I decided to start with my parents' wedding photos.

The wedding of my mother, Carol Evans, and my father, John Glucker, took place at a registry office in Fareham (UK) on July 6, 1968. It was attended by my mother's relatives and some friends. My father's Israeli relatives were unable to come over for the wedding, but my parents visited them here on their honeymoon shortly afterwards.

These photos were taken by my grandfather, John Evans. The first two are set in the garden of the restaurant in Fareham where they had the reception, and the rest are in my grandparents' garden in Waterlooville.

The final photo features my great-grandmother Dora Tilley, along with the young relatives, from left to right: my mother's cousins Simon and Stuart Tilley, her brothers Andrew, Jonathan, and Adrian, and her nephew Alexander (Sandy) Britain (the oldest of my cousins).