Monday, October 26, 2009

Holiday in England - Guildford

One of the places we visited during our holiday was Guildford, a town I knew a little from previous visits. It is a pleasant town, with a river (the Wey), hills and trees. I remember several shopping trips here with my family, and there is a thriving town centre.

We visited Guildford Tower, and climbed up the Great Tower. This was part of the 12th century castle, and was in use until the 17th century. The site has recently been restored, and there is a small museum on the ground floor. From the tower there are views of the town and its surroundings in all directions, but the day we visited it was a bit hazy.

We then did some shopping in the town centre. One thing I noticed, which surprised me, was a whole section in a bookshop devoted to "Tragic Life Stories". Most of the books seemed to be from the same publisher. I hadn't noticed such a section in other bookshops we visited during our trip (and we went in bookshops at every opportunity), and I don't know if such a section was particularly aimed at a Guildford taste in books... I then looked around for a section on "Positive, Uplifting Stories of Success", but couldn't find one!

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