Saturday, August 29, 2009

Reality and Fiction's First Birthday!

Today is exactly one year since I started publishing this blog. I have been writing once or twice a week for a whole year.

As the title suggests, I write about issues from real life and about books I read. I have written about most of the books I read this year, and about issues I thought would be interesting. Some of my posts I even considered controversial. I know the blog covers a wide scope, and this reflects my own varied interests. At the moment I am writing mainly for myself and just hoping this will interest other readers.

I admit, I have not done much to promote this blog so far. When I write something relevant to translators, I sometimes mention it on translators' lists. I suppose it would be worth linking to posts about books from the comments sections of the authors' blogs, or from sites selling the books. I think I was waiting to see what the blog would become before deciding how and where to promote it.

I would love to receive more comments from readers. If you read this blog regularly, please feel free to comment and tell me what you think. Would you like more about reality or more about fiction? If I start getting more comments, the blog could be tailored more to the expectations of my regular readers.

I also invite new readers to look at the list of previous posts. Perhaps you'll see some interesting titles or topics there.

I hope to continue publishing my thoughts here for a long time, and look forward to reaching more readers.

Happy Birthday, Reality and Fiction!

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