Saturday, March 23, 2013

My father, John Glucker, at eighty

My father, John (Yohanan) Glucker, celebrates his eightieth birthday today. Here are a few photos of him, marking different stages and aspects of his life.

He was born in Haifa on 23 March 1933. He is pictured here with his father, Dr. Isaac Glucker and his mother, Hannah Glucker (Bly).

After his military service, he studied Classics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and then at Oxford, before teaching Classics at Exeter University, where he met my mother, Carol Evans.
Some of their wedding photos have appeared in a previous blog post. They have two children, myself (born 1969), and my sister Ilana (born 1973).

In 1978 he was appointed Professor in the Classics Department at Tel Aviv University (featured in the photo below), where he taught until retirement, and we immigrated to Israel.
He has always had a strong connection to Greece, and is one of very few non-Greek scholars to be completely fluent in modern Greek. He was awarded an honorary doctorate at the University of Athens, and has also taught at the university of Crete, and visits Greece almost every year.
In his retirement he has been editing the review journal Katharsis, and is now also a grandfather to my sister's children.
I would like to wish him continued health and happiness in the coming years.

Happy Birthday!

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ariadne said...

A great blogpost for your dad. I think I should do one for mine too,post mortem of course.AriadnefromGreece.